Tuesday, May 3, 2011

you and i

Hye people,we r now on digi..thats our number..its Digi Easy people..free calls and text unlimitedly everyday kecuali pukul 8pm sampai 12 pm..weeeeeee....

Him?alhamdulillah things seems to be very enjoyable with him around..thank you so much for being such a supportive boyfreind...selalu teman pegi makan and study..we do almost everything together..thank you sebab bangun pagi untuk hanta i pegi kelas walaupun you tak ada kelas...thank you sgt..you terpakse bangun pagi setiap hari...shiaaaannn die... Despite all the fights that we have gone through all this while i want you to know that i am glad that i met you..seriously.. Alhamdulillah we have made it this far boifie.. I <3 U..!

iera punye cerita...

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  1. comel gila kaurang ! wait for our update, about US. mwahmwahmwah :)